What is NovelCritic?

Resources and Advice for Authors

NovelCritic is dedicated to finding the most helpful advice for aspiring authors and collecting it in one place.


As a new author it is often difficult to decide what to do.


  • Courting an agent or self-publishing?
  • How should it be written — what are the dos and don’ts for writing books today?
  • How much should you write?
  • How can you engage the reader? How soon do you need to hook them?
  • How do you write a query letter?


All of the burning questions that you have been asking yourself.


We intend to find and boil down as much of the information as we can and give it to you straight.

Novel Reviews

As I read good books and not so good books, I’ll write reviews in here as well. I started off this site with all reviews, but as the site grows and develops, I’ll probably have less and less reviews and more and more information for aspiring authors. That’s not to say that I’ve stopped reading. I’ll never stop reading!